Arthrotomy (synonym of capsulotomia) - the operation of opening or exposed joint. Produce to delete the contents of the cavity joint (pus, blood), foreign bodies, joint mice , etc. or as one of the stages in a more complicated operations on the joints to create access to intra-articular tissues.

Arthrotomy (from the Greek. arthron - joint tome and cut, cut; a synonym for capsulotomia)- the operation of opening or exposed joint. Arthrotomy produce: a) to access the joint cavity with the purpose of removal of foreign bodies, offset menisci, joint mice, setting nevprawima congenital chronic dislocations; primary surgical treatment, penetrating into the joint injuries, or arthroplasty of artresize when ankylosis, resection arthroplasty about tumors, tuberculosis; b) in the treatment of suppurative process in joints-for evacuation of pus or resection about infectious lesions caused vulgar pyogenic infection.
The incisions at arthrotomy produce in a typical direction, possibly sparing the ligamentous apparatus. Only when the primary surgical processing can be done atypical cuts. In such cases, the wound may be trimmed or cut, the joint cavity open, make careful revision, remove blood clots, foreign bodies and excised non-viable tissue. If you are able too early to make an initial arthrotomy (up to visible wound infections), it can be sewn tightly synovial membrane, after the introduction into the joint cavity of antibiotics. Soft tissue and skin do not sew. A limb is put a blank besplatnuu plaster cast in position, the most advantageous for limb function and health wounded in the case of development of ankylosis in the operated joint (see Immobilization).
If, despite such processing, is developing purulent inflammation of a joint, then produce secondary arthrotomy, widely held during the great Patriotic war, especially when empyema knee without significant damage to the epiphyses. In these cases, widening the joint cavity, leave it the most delicate drainage for irrigation solution of penicillin (see the Wounds, wounds). With festering in the hip, ankle joints secondary A. little rational and she should prefer resection arthroplasty. When A. about suppurative processes using tampons excluded. Instead of them when arthrotomy knee joint was proposed the binding edge of the articular capsule with skin edge of the cut (C. I. Spasokukotsky, S. S. Yudin) and kedgotoline "suspension" for the front flap at the side A. bilateral knee replacement (C. A. Kartavin). During the Great Patriotic war A. was 8.6% against all produced on the joints surgical procedures. Most arthrotomy produced in the army and front-line areas. During aseptic operations on joint prevention of infectious complications in the joint cavity should also introduce antibiotics.
Anesthesia: General anesthesia, intraosseous anesthesia by local infiltration anaesthesia during operations on the lower extremities or spinal anesthesia. A. knee, arm-twisting and other joints - see articles about the joints.