The drug DCA

ASD - its unique anti-cancer drug, created in 1947 brilliant scientist Alexei Vlasovites Drogowym. However, the official medicine drug and did not spread. And the reason was the name of the drug, including the name of the scientist. Higher ranks in the field of medicine missed antiseptic-stimulator Dorogova in mass production. The Creator did not want to change the name. That is why the SDA is used only in veterinary medicine.

The future scientist was born in an ordinary peasant family living in the Saratov region. Alexey was a gifted child. He himself had learned to play the flute and guitar, songs in his performance heard the villagers. But music was not just serious hobby. The boy's fate was determined that his mother was a midwife and healer. She looked into the issues of gostoprimstvo, treated ailments conspiracies. The interests of the boy coincided with the parent. Talented young man entered the veterinary Institute. After his graduation he studied in graduate school. Many years worked in all-Union Institute of experimental veterinary medicine (VIEW).

On account of the brilliant scientist of more than 20 scientific works and 5 of the great discoveries. However, his services were not assessed. In 1954 Alexei Vlasovich fired. About a year later was closed and the laboratory, the head of which was of roads. Failing health was deteriorating every year. In 1957, the scientist died in the Prime years.

Even after the death of the scientist about his miracle drug, many say. What is the secret of healing power ASD?

The drug was obtained by thermal decomposition of animal tissues. The raw material used meat and bone waste, meat-bone flour. As a result of the procedure of decomposition of organic substances (fats, proteins, carbohydrates), make up tissues, were obtained low-molecular connection with certain properties.

ASD - the drug, which is quite easily passes through the placenta, are absorbed into the tissues of the body. Precisely because it believes a strong adaptogen that have antibacterial properties. Side effects in humans, it has not. The cells of the body not reject. Positively affects it on the state of the peripheral nervous system, coordinates their activities. DCA is able to normalize hormones. Its distinctive feature is the absence of a negative impact on the health of the child during the prenatal development. Many call the drug nutrient stimulator. It improves motility of the gastrointestinal tract and normalizes the production of stomach acid, helps activate digestive and tissue enzymes. The medicine accelerate the adaptation of the organism to adverse environmental conditions.

DCA - a substance that promotes strengthening of protective forces of the organism, thus it is sometimes called the immune system modulator. The drug is easily enters into all metabolic processes. It promotes normalization of work of internal organs and systems of the person. Thus, it turns out that the SDA is the generic product, which is not designed to eliminate specific micro-organisms, and for the restoration of the whole organism.

Stimulator with antiseptic properties can get rid of many diseases. High efficiency it has in the treatment of bronchial asthma, infertility, skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis). Has a positive effect in the treatment of hormone-dependent tumors. When applied externally DCA accelerate the regenerative processes in the skin, while putting antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Apply the drug as a means of saving from hard diseases (tuberculosis, stomach ulcers, eye of inflammatory diseases, diseases of the joints and connective tissue). A way of reception of SDA depends on the fraction of drug. For example, the SDA third faction is used only externally.

The drug is safe when used in therapeutic doses. It does not cause drug dependence. A rather low cost. Its only disadvantage is quite specific smell. Many people it repels. However, for those who want to get rid of the disease, this unpleasant moment is not important. To fix the smell is not possible. Any attempt to add flavor lead to loss of activity of active substances.

DCA is a highly effective drug, created more than 60 years ago a brilliant scientist Alexei Drogowym. Unfortunately, the official medicine he did not receive recognition.