Asepsis - way of dealing with surgical infection, which is based on the prevention of infection in the wound. This is achieved full decontamination of all items that may come into contact with the wound.
The destruction of microorganisms and them dispute on surgical operating linen, toolkits, seam and dressing material, gloves, gowns, and the hands of surgeons is called sterilization. Sterilization carried out in various ways: vapour pressure - autoclaving, dry heat, roasting, boiling, burning, keeping in antiseptic solutions and solutions of antibiotics.
Quite widely used sterilization rays, radioactive radiation (gamma rays), ultraviolet rays (mercury-quartz lamps), gases and other
The object is considered to be sterile, if on its surface and in its thicker no microbes capable of reproduction. Controlled sterility items by bacteriological crops on a special nutrient medium.