Asphyxia in forensic against

Asphyxia is one of the most frequent causes of death. At the time of death, when A. in some cases, (for the hanging, zadaszenia, davlenii) leading is not itself oxygen starvation, and reflex cardiac arrest due to irritation of the branches of the vagus nerve or carotid sinus.
At the opening of the corpses of people who have died from asphyxia, show symptoms of acute death: well expressed cadaveric stains, sharp cyanosis persons ekhimozy in the conjunctiva, the skin of the face, liquid dark blood in the heart, sinuses Dura, vessels, the plethora of internal organs, subpleural and subepicardial ekhimozy etc. Sometimes (in patients with cachexia, secondary anaemia and others), these signs may be absent. Great value for diagnosis A. have the characteristics of certain types of mechanical A., and in the case of A. toxic - chemical and spectral analysis of blood and clinical data.