Sinergia (from the Greek. negative prefix a -, and synergia-interaction - complex motor disorder act as a result of violations of the ability to associate individual elementary movement in complex motion. Sinergia described Babinsky (Babinski) for diseases of the cerebellum (see).
The samples for Sinergia 1. The patient standing offer to throw your head and bend your torso back. A healthy person bends while knees and extends the feet, keeping the balance of the body. Sick A. unable to combine the bending of the body ago with the bending of the knees and straightening stop - he loses his balance and falls back. 2. The patient sitting touch-toed feet to the subject matter placed before him on the level of his knees. Sick A. bends first hip and highly leg raises and then extends the knee and toe hits the target. 3. The patient lying horizontally, offer to take sitting position without hands. Instead of raising the body of the patient raises legs as a result of violations of synergy cuts iliopsoas and the gluteus Maximus muscle. 4. When walking in a patient with Sinergia dissociate movements of the trunk and lower limbs, trunk behind limbs. Cm. also Movement.