In the complex study of the gastrointestinal tract, which investigated the small intestine, often identified roundworm. X-ray picture Ascaris very characteristic: they are defined as longitudinal and tortuous narrow filling defects in the background is filled with contrasting substance of the relevant part of the small intestine. In most cases, the roundworm manifested in two forms. The first represents a solid bar filling defect. The second type of bar filling defect is divided along the Central axis narrow accent stripe corresponding filling barium digestive tube the parasite itself (Fig. 111). Often the concentration of parasites is a tangle of ribbon-like filling defects, surrounded by contrast agent. They can be located throughout clinico small intestine, but their favorite localized distal are loops.
If any localization roundworm cause significant musculoskeletal disorders of the small intestine, often combined with spastic changes. Most often it is the accelerated promotion of the contrast medium, with considerable breaks his jet. When a significant Accumulation education tangles roundworm can be a cause of acute obstruction.

Fig. 111. Roundworm. A number of bar filling defects, formed by Ascaris in the distal loops of small bowel (arrows). Radiograph.