Psycho-physiological aspects of health

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The speed of information processing in the visual-motor channel (SPASM) in all age groups (from 50 to 75 years) in the workout as research increased; Individual differences, the resulting variational calculation of the coefficient, with repeated testing, usually decreased.
With the age of Spam decreased, especially in the group of non-working pensioners. Marked bad suitability of this group of people to conditions of the experience. On the first day of the study they had lower indicators SPASM. Apparently, this can be explained by two circumstances : 1) retirement and therefore changes the habitual, long-term, secured stereotype on the mode of the day; 2) puberty men (menopause). During this period, they are very labile and worse adapt to experiment and conditions associated with its implementation. At an older age is produced and secured a new stereotype, climacteric period ends and the condition of the body is flattened. In addition, the weak and the sick people in these groups to die, that has an impact on the average at a later age.
To determine the age dynamics of health estimated the speed of information processing in the visual channel (SPI) in "pure" form. With this purpose from the total time of visual-motor reaction excluded engine component. CPI was higher than SPASM, and more significantly increased from the first study to the next. Higher rates SPI was observed when encoding tables with Fewer characters in the alphabet. By increasing the length of the alphabet speed was reduced. The lowest CPI obtained complicated task. With the increasing complexity of work significantly increased the time of passing information on hand-eye channel through visual component. Therefore, when defining SPY revealed the same pattern, as the definition of SPASM. At the same time CPI was significantly higher Spasm, and with aging indicators are not significantly decreased.
Analyzing the results of psychological and physiological research, you can see that with simple jobs, such as a response to visual and auditory signals and switching of attention, indicators naturally decreases with age, especially in the pension group. At the same time, the study of a number of functions (concentration, tests for performing arithmetic calculations) established a clear improvement in the age groups of men working 60-69 years and women 50-59 years.
The same type of improvement of separate functional parameters in these age groups noted in the study of the mobility of nervous processes (N. B. Mankovsky and others, 1963; C. C. Litovchenko, 1965), the research of mechanical and logical memory scientific workers in old age (I. N. Preobrazhensky and others, 1965; 3. M. Istomin, and others, 1967). This phenomenon is associated with the improvement of certain functions of the body in connection with possible ended climax and the emergence of certain adaptive mechanisms that lead to favorable restructuring in endocrine and neurohumoral systems, which ultimately improves the General condition of the organism. In connection with this restructuring in the activity of the brain there are new adaptive backup mechanisms of mental labour, which could improve its performance.
Explaining the improvement of selected indicators of mental health groups working pensioners, should be taken into account that persons who have crossed this age limit, and continues to work, are a kind elected. Data analysis of their professional route testified that all the investigated this group in young and middle age occupied responsible positions, led the group of engineers or directed divisions. We must assume that in young and middle-aged individual data, the General and professional intelligence they were above their peers. Obviously, the higher the operating engineers pension age are largely determined by individual peculiarities of the studied age groups. In retirement age continues to run only a certain percentage of engineers, physically healthy and able to perform duties, i.e. on "pension line" there is a natural professional selection.