Sebaceous cyst

Wen - retention (that is caused by the delay detachable) a sebaceous cyst skin. Developing rich sebaceous glands of the skin areas (scalp, face) due to blockage of ductless glands gross discharge. Wen - rounded, smooth painless education testovaty consistency, often spanne with the surface of the skin, sometimes reach large sizes; Atheroma are multiple. The contents of atheroma - white pasty mass. The complication is festering with atheroma formation of subcutaneous abscess (see). Treatment surgical shown in all cases (cyst removal with shells under local anesthesia), and when festering the atheroma - opening and scraping spoon.

Atheroma (gr. atheroma, from athera - gruel) - retention cyst sebaceous glands of the skin (Fig.).
Occurs atheroma when the obstruction of the ductless glands gross excreta, is found mainly where the skin is rich sebaceous glands. The inner surface of atheroma lined with multi-layer flat epithelium, exterior presents connective tissue. The contents of atheroma - drops of fat, cholesterol crystals, Horny scales. Located A. in the thickness of the dermis. A. often become inflamed, may be purulent melt. In chronic inflammation in the wall A. develops granulation tissue with giant cells foreign bodies. A. should be differentiated from traumatic epithelial cyst of the skin (see Cyst), termodom (see) and epidermoid.
Treatment of atheroma surgery. Indications for surgery: cosmetic disorders, festering A. In the latter case often limited by the incision, and then after the healing of a wound to remove atheroma, as it is complicated systematic abscess formation.
Relapses A. possible, if the operation of the wall is not removed all over.