Autophone - return of the sound of his own voice in his ear. Occurs when inadequate ventilation tympanic cavity through the auditory (Evstafieva) pipe, the closure of the external ear canal sulfuric tube or other foreign body. This autophone disappears when you restore the patency of the ear (earwax removal, foreign bodies). Autophone could appear when the gaping mouth of the auditory tube, atrophic her condition, the paralysis of the muscles of the soft palate. In these cases the sound of voices directly enters the tympanic cavity through the open auditory tube. This autophone is steadfast; to eliminate it must treat the underlying disease.

Autophone (from the Greek. autos - himself phoneo - produce sound, say; synonym tympanophonia, from France. tympan - drumhead) - return into the ear of his own voice. Autophone due to a violation of ventilation tympanic cavity as a result of inflammatory narrow clearance hearing (Evstafieva) pipe (see Tuba auclitiva). With the elimination of eustachitis often passes A. Sometimes requires the injection of air in the tympanic cavity, bairovna auditory tube, thermal procedures. A. may be attributed to dehiscence of the auditory tube in atrophic eustachitis or paresis of the soft palate. In such cases it is of a lasting nature.