Autohemotherapy (from the Greek. autos - itself, hainia - blood and therapeia - therapy) is a method of treatment own blood; one of the active methods of proteinurii. The patient from Vienna remove the blood and then introduce it to the same patient in the muscle. Released in the process of enzymatic degradation products of disintegration of the blood protein serve as stimuli of various systems of the body; this explains the effect of stimulating action autohemotherapy. Any local or General reaction after autohemotherapy usually does not happen, and it can be used in the outpatient setting.
Stimulation that is caused autohemotherapy, is of a specific character; therefore, the number of diseases in which applies this method is very wide: focus acute and chronic purulent inflammatory processes, prolonged pneumonia, non-healing skin ulcers, furunculosis, hydradenitis, continued (minor) bleeding, acute and chronic arthritis, etc. A. applied also with provocative-diagnostic purposes, for example for suspected hidden flowing infection. Together with some intramuscularly injected drugs (such as penicillin) A. is with the purpose of prolongation of their actions. Absolute contraindications to A. does not exist, but it should not be used when nephrite and malaria.
Extracted from the blood in the dose of 5 to 25 ml immediately injected into the muscle (better in the upper outer quadrant of the buttock). The delay in the introduction of invalid due to the rapid onset of clots. The intervals between treatments - 1-2 days. Ordinary course 8-12 injection. If it is impossible to make venipuncture from autohemotherapy have to give up, and then can be applied sogavare - intramuscular injection of blood obtained directly from a donor. The group affiliation is still ignored. If sogavare patients in muscle entered the blood compatible only on RH factor. However, more appropriate to use sogavare with compatibility in mind not only on RH factor, but also on the group factors AB0.
The autohemotherapy and apply using autodemolizioni blood: the products of destruction of red blood cells are strong stimulator of the functions of the reticuloendothelial system, and therapeutic effect with the introduction of autodemolizioni blood in protracted and purulent inflammatory processes higher than usual A. To prepare autodemolizioni blood in sterilized syringe with 2-5 ml of sterile bidistilled water trying to enter from Vienna 3-7 ml of blood; through 20 - 30 sec., when the process of destruction of red blood cells is completed, gemoliticescuu blood injected intravenously or intramuscularly. This autohemotherapy usually spend 7-8 times at intervals of 1-2 days.
Cm. also Hemotherapy, Proteinuria.