Autotechnika - the device for automatic expedited processing of fabrics: commit, fill in celloidin (paraffin), decalcomania, colourings of histological sections. The principle of operation A. (Fig) is automatic sequential transfer metal baskets placed in it by pieces of tissue (or slices) from one vessel with chemicals in the other at a constant rotation of this basket in the reagents. Rotation assures fast wetting material, reagents and more complete their use. For better handling it should be filled vessels apparatus reagents to the top, giving the highest compaction of the material and his best painting. A. considerably (10-15 times) accelerates the fill material, allows you to fill in celloidin 24 hours, paraffin for 3-5 hours. Painting lasts from 30 to 60 minutes; all the material is painted with high quality and evenly. Duration of stay of tissue pieces or slices in each vessel is regulated by the clock mechanism autotechnician. A. also provides significant savings reagents compared to manual methods. Cm. also Histological techniques.