This type of seizures include paroxysmal monotonous movements produced by patients during the attack or to convulsive seizure. This group includes an automatic gestures (primitive motion - rubbing of hands, swallowing, chewing, whistling, undressing, undoing the buttons, and so on), voice automation (patients stereotypical repeat the words: "what's wrong with me", "I'm bored", "bad to me" and other, muttering something, shout), facial automatisms (expression of fear, anger, mad laughter', and so on), outpatient automatisms (leaving home, and so on). A special form of outpatient automaticity - somnambulism epileptic etiology: the child suddenly rises from the bed, makes a number of stereotyped movements, walking around the room or sitting up in bed. After the attack, he returned to bed. To get in contact with him during the attack impossible. Having awakened, the child remembers nothing. Epileptic night automatisms are suddenness, repetitive and stereotyped actions. During the attack possible involuntary urination and defecation. There are links with vivid dreams, experiences of the day, and the frequency of occurrence.
Paroxysmal nocturnal fears manifestation rudimentary form twilight conditions in childhood. Night terrors epileptic origin characterized by stereotyped movements, similar fears threatening with vegetative manifestations in the form pallor, chills, cold sweat. Consciousness deep darkened. Contact with the child impossible. Attacks occur periodically in the same night.
Elementary illusory seizures are manifested in the form of macro - and micropsia, metamorphopsia surrounding objects. Similar hearing attacks in the form of a strengthening or weakening of sounds and perversion sound sensations. Solsticescape seizures constitute a violation of perception of one's own body, hands, feet. They are combined with illusory.
Complex illusory seizures are shown as already seen and heard, experienced sensations in unfamiliar surroundings, and a full poznawanie surrounding as never seen, never heard of. Patients are very upset about this condition, with terror of isolation from the world, resulting in the feeling of fear, muttering strange words incoherent character.
For more complex hallucinatory seizures are combinations hallucinations with Grand Mal seizures. Hallucinations are in the form of visual images, auditory, olfactory (more offensive odors), taste phenomena. Rare ideational seizures, epileptic compulsive actions, thoughts, often painful character.
Dysphoric attacks - attacks of the changed mood may occur in children before the onset of convulsions after him, and as the equivalent of an epileptic seizure. Dysphoria last for several hours, days. The mood is often worse: there are depression, aggression, malice.
To secondary generalized seizures are epileptic, constantly generalizadas following the aura or focal signal. Sometimes focal beginning is so short that is registered only on the encephalogram.
Geticonvalue seizures occur in infancy. They are mioclauniceskie character, appearing on one then the other half of the body, leaving a trail as hemiparesis. At older ages attacks are replaced Jacksonian or generalized seizures.