Automobile injury

Under a car injury should understand the damage caused by external or internal parts of a vehicle or received to the victims of the fallout from it.
Trauma caused by a moving car, can occur:
1) by a blow from a parts car in a collision with man and drop it on the car, a drop on the ground and possible subsequent relocation;
2) if it falls out of car (from the cab, body, with footrests), accompanied by blows with a parts car, fall on a ground and sliding through it;
3) from the moving wheel or wheels (in these conditions arise kick wheel, drawing, rolling and even dragging a body on the ground);
4) in the cabin due to the impact on or pressing (compression) of body parts of the machine;
5) as a result of compression of the body between the two parts of the car or the car, and other barriers; damage formed by a blow from a parts car and the subsequent compression.
A variety of mechanisms at different stages of automobile injury entails the formation of many different character and localization of damage.
Some damage occur only under certain types of automobile injuries. These include the so-called contact damage showing the shape and dimensions of specific components or parts of the vehicle when subjected to clothing or body (prints protector, lights, podvorica, the grille and others).
Other damage arising from injury, usually have no evidential importance and must be evaluated in its totality.

  • Automobile injury in a collision front surface of the car
  • Falling out of a moving car
  • Moving through the body wheels car
  • Injuries in the cab