The authority and example of their parents

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Having no opportunity to consult with older guys often take hasty decisions, using not the best means to achieve their goals, come to wrong conclusions.
The lack of authority of the parents, based on trust and respect of their children, can lead to tragic consequences. This is clearly reflected case with Natasha B. Knowing the usual severity and coldness in relations between family members, Natasha never home with no one shared their experiences, was closed, silent and restrained. Close friends she was not. But in my soul there was always a need for good and cordial relation to each other. She was dreaming about it constantly and persistently waited. And here he was. Unexpectedly. By chance. Heart, long waiting warmth and pleasure, ready to respond, but still not able to recognize the true feelings of the people is opened up and begin to tremble.
Many things seem difficult, unclear, much surprised, cast doubt on the other. But who could help? So trouble came. Natasha was supposed to become a mother. Realizing all, told the friend, but he was terribly frightened and refused from any involvement in her life. So she knew meanness, disappointment, fear of loneliness. Heart wound that was inflicted on her, not heal for a long time. And who knows whether there will be such a doctor who will help her to trust people and become more cheerful and energetic?
Sometimes, caring about the appearance of children, their health, education, some parents overlooked important task - to win the heart of a child, to penetrate into the complicated inner world and, using his trust, reasonable and subtly to lead the development of his feelings, actions and relationships.
To be truly authoritative for the child means not only to work well, to meet and exceed production norms, not only to know the lives of their children and even help them, it means above all to be the bearer of Communist morality.
Educating a child in a sexual sense, parents must first of all take care of its own moral authority.
How often in life we meet the parents who genuinely want to raise their children moral beautiful, clean, but they are the wrong way of life. Children are all I see, all I notice, though, and not just speak about this. But the time will come and they will say its word. For example, Gene L. said to his father, who tried to ask him perform some moral rules in the relations with the girls: "what are you telling me? Don't you angel? Think to yourself, do you have the right to do me comments if you... remember, you left us then. And we feel sorry for you, waiting and you come... And why?.. Again to deceive?".
Scary and painful to hear an adult such harsh words, but he has earned.
The personal authority of the parent morality is the need, the most important in the education chaste, pure man!
How to develop it, young, if the requirements parents behave well and decently - do not match their requirements to ourselves?
Would it be morally clean fifteen Faith, whose mother leads a carefree lifestyle: happy in his room parties, drunken "clubbed", met with random men?
Perhaps fortunately for her future, she would have an aversion to such a lifestyle?