The authority of the doctor

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 The only true way to buy authority 
 people - to generate value. 
 M. Ebner-Eschenbach

Talk about which speech will go, occurred in a clinic of internal medicine, Charles University.
Somehow the conversation medicine shifted to the literature and art. First remembered prominent writers-doctors. A lot of them: Francois Rabelais and F. Schiller, A. P. Chekhov and centuries Veresayev, A. Conan Doyle, and Somerset Maugham, A. Cronin and M. A. Bulgakov, Kobo Abe and Stanislav LEM ...
Is first of all writers, and then the doctors, " said someone.
- How to say... medicine helped them to penetrate into those aspects of life that can be seen only medical eyes.
- Mauroy believed that the doctor and writer generally much in common: both seek to unravel that shut in by the deceptive appearance.
... From literature switched to music. As is known, the Creator of "Prince Igor" A. P. Borodin graduated from the St. Petersburg medical-surgical Academy; Romain Rolland said "well known to historians of music" is the name of the famous doctor-humanist albert Schweitzer, the Creator of the method percussion (percussion) in medicine Vienna doctor Leopold Auenbrugger the last years of his life devoted to music; a virtuoso violinist was the largest surgeon in the XIX century, Theodor Billroth. By the way, and he lived in Vienna ...
"And had you been in the Vienna Museum of history of music? asked Czech colleagues.
- What? - I was surprised, having felt in question some hidden meaning.
- It's about cemetery, where they are Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Johann Strauss...
- What to say, these graves evoke awe every person. But, incidentally, that's what surprised why Karl Milleker the Creator in essence one of the famous operetta - delivered luxury monument, and at the tomb of Julius Wagner von Jauregg - Nobel prize laureate, doctor who in his time had done so much for the rescue of seriously ill people - is invisible, poluarea grass gravestone?
"Such is the fate of doctors. You may recall that the TV showed the jubilee even the most eminent of our colleagues? But the anniversary of the artist is often the event ...
"But Rachmaninoff dedicated his Second piano Concerto doctor N. C. Dahl (great-grandson, C. I. Dahl), who brought the composer from severe depression. I. Brahms have devoted So the Billroth some of his work.
- Is quite another. This is a form of personal gratitude, and we talk about gratitude of society.
In fact, it is here that have been transferred to the topic, which is the concern of doctors about the credibility of the doctor.
The resulting discussion is quite interesting. Remembered Homer: "an experienced doctor more precious than many other men." Then, as so often happens, the authority of a modern doctor has opposed the glory of the old doctor former times, before which the distance was off his hat.
Someone, however, drew attention to the controversy of this thesis: after all still in the seventeenth century, during the meeting on the discussions at the bedside, Aesculapius argued, showed each other's languages and had frequent fights. Not casually their "authority" in those days immortalized Moliere. Then the medicine was far from science: protruding tongue substituted scientific arguments.
Over the past since then century medicine has made great strides. However, it is the last decades, accompanied by a great success of the exact Sciences, as if cast a shadow on medicine. In the words of one scholar, in the application of technological advances, compared with other branches of science, medicine walks somewhere on the left flank.