Bacterial drugs

Bacterial preparations - preparations consisting of living or dead organisms, the individual components of microbes, native or treated bacterial toxins, specific serums or their fractions, which are applied to diagnostics and treatment of infectious diseases, obtain diagnostic and therapeutic sera. Depending on the purpose of bacterial drugs are divided into prevention (vaccines, toxoids), medical (antitoxic and antimicrobial serum and their fractions, toxoids, for example when staphylococcal diseases), diagnostic (diagnosticums, allergens, phages, whey). Produced by bacterial drugs Packed in ampoules or bottles, which is the name of the institution or of the manufacturer, the name of bacterial drug and its number, the series number, the number of state control and shelf life. Packaging ampoules and vials attached instructions for use, specifying the basic properties of the drug. Bacterial drugs without labels and with the broken package to use is not good. Produced by bacterial drugs should be non-toxic and specifically neutralized, have a certain biological activity, necessary physical and chemical properties, the ability to maintain activity within the specified expiration dates under certain conditions of storage. Control of bacterial preparations State control is carried out in the Institute of biomedical preparations. L. A. Tarasevich of the Ministry of health of the USSR. Before submitting samples of every batch of drugs in GIMP they are always subject to control in the laboratories and divisions of bacteriological control of international or domestic standards. Individual bacterial drugs - see the article by name drugs (Toxoid, Vaccines and other).

Bacterial drugs - drugs used for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases and also to obtain diagnostic and therapeutic sera. Bacterial preparativos contain: live or dead bacteria, separate components (full antigen) microbial cells, native or treated bacterial toxins, antibodies to bacteria. Depending on the destination bpts are divided into preventive [vaccines (see), toxins (see), toxoids (see)], diagnostic [allergens, diagnostics (see), serum (see), bacteriophages (see)] and treatment (antitoxic and antimicrobial serum, vaccines, toxoids, bacteriophages and microbial polysaccharides). A special group of medical bpts are antibiotics (see). Bacterial drugs prepared in accordance with approved the USSR Ministry of health instructions manufacturing, control and application. Bpts produced in a dry (ampoules) or liquid (ampoules, vials). Each ampoule should be a label indicating the name of the preparation and of the Institute, who made it, batch number and the state control Committee, expiry date and amount of the drug. On the vials of vaccine should be indicated the number of doses and titrated sera - number of antitoxic units (AE) at 1 cm? whey. Ampoules and vials expired, without labels, with damaged packaging (cracking, leaking bottles and other), changed its appearance (underdeveloped flakes, foreign inclusions), to the use of no use. Bacterial drugs stored at temperature from 2 to 10 degrees and in a dark dry place. Cm. also the Control of bacterial preparations.