Bacteriosis - destruction of the surface layers of bacterial cell with the release of its contents into the environment. Specific bacteriosis, coming under action of antibodies, are used as diagnostic reaction. Bacteriosis proceeds with the compulsory participation of the following three components: antigen in the form of microbial suspension of specific antibodies (bacteriolytical) and complement fixation (see). The mixture is kept in thermostat at the temperature of 37 degrees and through different periods of time ascertain lysis by microscopy or by the number of surviving colonies. Bacteriosis can be caused by various physical agents, enzymes, bacteriophage in vivo and in the experiment outside the body.

Bacteriosis (bacteria and Greek. lysis - destruction, dissolution) - dissolution of microbes in which the membrane of the bacterial cell is destroyed and its contents are released into the environment. Bacteriosis may be non-specific. Nonspecific bacteriosis can be caused by various physical and chemical factors. Specific Bacteriosis usually occurs under the action of bacteriophage (see) or antibodies (see). Bacteriosis under the action of antibodies occurs with the participation of two ingredients: the specific contained in immune serum (antibody-bacteriolysis), and nonspecific contained in any serum immune or non-immune (complement). The main factor is the specific antibody that sencibilisiruet microbes, change their surface properties and thus prepares them for lytic action of complement. When exposed to one of these factors lysis of microbes is not observed. If serum, warmed up for 30 minutes at temperature of 56 degrees, to add complement and then make microbes, after keeping the mixture in the thermostat at the temperature 37 deg observed decrease in the number of viable microbes; when using the microscope drops hanging from this mixture is observed lysis of microbial cells. About bacteriolytic the immune titer serum judged by the end of its breeding, which is celebrated bacteriolytic action. Bactericidal (political) power serum was determined by the number of colonies growing in crops of microbial suspension, to which were added immune serum and complement. Not all types of microbes in the same vulnerable to lysis at influence of antibodies and complement. Easy lyse most gramotricationah microbes and cholera vibrios; gram-negative microbes lyse with difficulty, or not at all lyse.