Bakteriostaz - stopping the growth of bacteria under the influence of adverse physical or chemical factors. Bakteriostaz reversible. The phenomenon of bakteriostaz used at the conservation of bacterial strains for long-term storage. In this case bacteria, placed in synthetic medium with gelatinous, subject liofilizatsii (see Dehydration)

Bakteriostaz (bacteria and Greek. stasis - stop) stop the reproduction of bacterial culture, caused by the action of any harmful factor physical or chemical nature. From bakteriostaz should distinguish the stationary phase is the development of bacterial culture (see), as well as the state of "rest" of cells, similar to hibernation (see), when they can survive in the environment, from the outset, devoid necessary for the reproduction of microbes nutrients (for example, buffer solution).
True bakteriostaz means stop dividing all the germs of this population.
Almost of the occurrence of bakteriostaz judge for the conservation of the number of the microbial population at a constant level. Such bakteriostaz called culture. It can be as true bakteriostaz cells and dynamic balance between the number of lost and emerging cells. In the latter case, the basis of bakteriostaz can lie phenomenon of weak bactericides (see)
Within each population microbial sensitivity of individuals to any antimicrobial agent varies. So some concentration bactericidal substances can cause damage most sensitive germs, while most stable will share.
This often occurs in such foci of infection, which may not always be created concentration of the drug, sufficient to suppress the viability of the most stable cell microbial population.
In these conditions, even bactericidal the nature of his actions substances have in some cases only bacteriostatic action.
In osmotically protected environment under the influence of antimicrobial substances, causing damage to bacterial membranes (penicillin, lysozyme), bacteria can survive, developing into the so-called spheroplast, whereas in a normal environment, they die.
Bakteriostaz pay: after termination of the harmful factor of bacterial cell (after a latent period) becomes again the ability to divide.
However, inhibition of cell division is directly connected with decreasing the viability of a microbe, so the true B. ultimately can lead to cell death.