the device DyakonovBacteriological - equipment for air sampling to detect in him microorganisms. To capture major bacterial particles or liquid droplets in the air are usually Cup method Koch: open Cup with a nutrient medium fall from the air under the influence of gravity bacterial particles, asemenea the surface environment. breeding on environment microbes form colonies, of which take samples for testing. The method is simple and gives the opportunity to determine the kind of germs, but does not allow to determine their concentration in the air.
the device MilyavskoyFor this purpose use special devices, where the air is pumped through special filters made of different materials (Fig. 1 and 2).
As always it is possible to measure the amount of air passing through the filters of these devices, it is possible and quantitative account of microflora per unit volume of air.

Bacteriological - devices to trap suspended in the air, microorganisms.
For sanitary-hygienic researches of air (determination of the total amount of bacteria and quantity of sanitary-representative microorganisms) may be recommended small droplets sprayed liquid (capture environment), followed inertial deposition of these drops on the inner surface of the device. Later
slot bacteriological system Krotov (Fig. 1 and 2). Investigated air passing through the narrow wedge-shaped crack (1) with great speed, reaches to the surface of the agar airborne particles and droplets of bacterial aerosol. Petri dish (2) is rotated on the table that provides a uniform colonization of the entire surface of the medium. For prisasyvaniya air through wedge-shaped crack and rotation table with a Petri dish inside B. placed a small engine (4) with centrifugal fan (3).
For detection of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the air more suitable B. system of Reconcavo (Fig. 3). The capture of microorganisms in B. this is
C. S. Kiktenko et al. suggested B. (Fig. 4)that traps bacteria and viruses using a swab of cotton or thin glass wool impregnated with a mixture of paraffin oil and 3% solution of gelatin. Then identify the pathogens carried out by planting catching liquid from bacteriologicaly of Reconcavo and Kiktenko on elective nutrient medium and through infection of susceptible animals, chick embryo and tissue culture.