Balatonfured is a well - known balneological resort in Hungary. Located on the northwestern shore of lake Balaton, 136 km to the South-West of Budapest, with which it is linked by railroad and motor vehicles. The Spa building is located on a mountain slope Tamashebi, in dense greenery gorgeous parks. A mountain chain surrounding the resort North, protects it from cold and harsh winds. Around the resort and on the slopes of mountains surrounding the resort are many beautiful fruit gardens and vineyards.
The climate is temperate continental with very hot summers, long Sunny autumns and relatively mild winters. The average temperature of the coldest month - January-2 degrees, the warmest - July +22 degrees. The number of hours of sunshine in the year 2000. Average annual precipitation falls during the year 700 mm Resort and its surroundings are extremely clean and transparent air, which is constantly supported the refreshing breeze with large forests, coastal breezes from lake Balaton. Large water surface of the lake plays a significant role in the formation of a pleasant climate of the resort, especially during the summer when substantially qualified by the temperature of the so-called hot days.
Balatonfured is one of the oldest Hungarian resorts. Mineral springs on the basis of which developed the resort, were known to the Romans. For the first time in the literature of the medical water Furada mentioned in 1632 (M Seyler). They are described in more detail in 1660 (M Seyler), and then in 1694 (M Lower). The official opening date Balatonfured is 1708, when he was captured is the main source and built the first bathing building.
Currently, the resort has 11 carbon dioxide is hydrocarbonate-sulphate-calcium-magnesium type of low salinity. The formula of a chemical composition of water main source:
the formula for the composition of the water source Balatonfured
Mineral water sources, similar physico-chemical composition Kislovodsk Narzan, is used for drinking treatment, vacations, carbon dioxide baths and swimming pools. Along with balneological treatment in the more widely used mud therapy, mechanotherapy, massage, exercise therapy, physiotherapy and health path.
There are balneology hospital, drinking pavilion, a polyclinic, a large sanatorium, a few hotels, houses of rest, tourist centers. On the wide fine sand shore of lake Balaton equipped beach, in winter on its territory provides extensive rink. There are a house of culture, Museum, Green theatre, and various sports grounds and facilities. The resort is famous for its centuries-old Park. In it, besides the magnificent giant oaks, elm, plane trees and lindens, many South exotic plants brought from Japan, China, and some of the Equatorial countries. Among the tree-lined avenues, a fragrant rose garden and flower beds of the Park laid out paths terrenkura.
Balatonfured is also known as one of the largest centers of sailing.
The presence of mineral springs, mild climate, picturesque location, water sports and convenient means of communication are attracted to the resort large number of visitors.
Indications: diseases of cardiovascular system; metabolic disorders, functional disorders of the nervous system.