The ballot is the fluctuation in tight formation (body, tumors and other), determined at its palpation. Found especially true if the investigated rolling education or around it is liquid. Distinct running mobile tumor in the abdominal cavity (outbound, for example, from a large gland) indicates developed ascites. Less visibly running enlarged kidneys; it appears that push one hand from the front abdominal wall served on the other hand, placed under the lower back, and back. The most important is the symptom of balloting patellar - symptom floating kneecap, as it is found in the small accumulation of fluid (effusion of blood) in the knee joint. When examining the patient lies back with straight knee, exploring puts the ends of the fingers of the right hand on the knee (Fig) and trying to sink it deep inside ("drown"), which normally cannot. When the accumulation of fluid in the joint of the knee cap "sinks" - goes in depth until you run into the surface of the femur, and upon termination of the pressure "POPs", as pushed by the spring. To detect the running of the patella with little effusion, we left hand to press the upper area of the inversion of the knee joint and the expelling of him, the fluid under the kneecap.

Running (from France. balloter - to swing, swing) - the phenomenon fluctuations or offset dense body or organ (with return to its original position) in one of the cavities of the body. The ballot is particularly well expressed, when the dense body (organ) is in a liquid environment. B. gives a sense of push-back returns.
B. cause a short, jerky strokes ends bent fingers on dry body through the wall of the cavity. In some cases, B. bodies is determined at palpation. Running is an important diagnostic feature, it often indicates the accumulation of fluid in the cavity.
In the abdominal cavity in the presence of fluid can cause B. moving cancers originating from the greater omentum, bryzek guts and ovaries. For tumours of kidneys running can be caused by short punches hands through the corresponding side of the lumbar region and to define the other hand, put on the same part of the abdomen (right or left). If the effusion or hemorrhage into the cavity of the knee joint is observed B. knee Cup; with a large effusion it may be well audible thud from the blow knee Cup on the ends of the bones and joints ("patella natans" - floating patella). At small effusion B. the kneecap can be detected if your other hand to pinch the top inversion of the knee joint to evict liquid.