Balneotherapy - application of natural and artificially made of mineral water with curative purpose. Appoint mineral water balneotherapy externally or internally. The most frequent methods of external application of mineral waters are baths, bathing in the pools with mineral water, of the soul. Mineral water (see), used for the purpose of balneotherapy, a very varied chemical composition and physical properties. The presence of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, rapidly decaying radioactive substances (radon), salts determines the characteristic peculiarities of the action of mineral waters. The effect of temperature, hydrostatic, mechanical factors is common to all types of baths, mineral and freshwater (see Tubs).
Mineral baths cause first of all the reactions from the heart and blood vessels, promote the balance of the nervous system, change the metabolic processes that affect the endocrine glands. Balneotherapy baths are prescribed for diseases of the cardiovascular system (circulatory failure is not above 1B degree), nervous system, organs of digestion, metabolism diseases, joints, muscles, female genital sphere.
Contraindicated mineral baths with atherosclerosis of coronary vessels with angina, after myocardial infarction, violations of cerebral circulation, diseases in the acute stage, malignant neoplasms, tuberculosis in active stage. Take the mineral baths in a day or two days in a row, followed a day of rest, up to 12-15 minutes, treatment 12-15 baths. The temperature of the baths in most cases, 36-37°, however, some cardiovascular diseases can be reduced gradually it to 33-32 degrees.
Carbon dioxide baths are used in diseases of heart and vessels, obesity, hypofunction of the ovaries. Contraindications are the same as for other baths, and, in addition, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, organs of movement, the tendency to bleed.
Hydrogen sulfide baths shown in cardiovascular diseases, but also diseases of the joints, muscles, skin, peripheral nervous system, chronic diseases of female reproductive organs, infertility. Contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys, lungs and respiratory tract. Hydrogen sulfide baths are applied with different concentrations of hydrogen sulfide from 10 to 300-400 MGL in the form of General and local (for upper and lower extremities) baths.
Radon bathscontaining radioactive substance, radon, have a therapeutic effect of alpha radiation. Radon baths, unlike other mineral baths, have a milder effect on heart and vessels, have significant analgesic and sedative effect and therefore are used in cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system, joints, diseases of metabolism (gout). Mostly used for baths of radon concentration from 10 to 200 units of Mahe (unit concentration of radioactive substances in the liquid) and above.
In balneotherapy used salt baths of the water is chloride-sodium, bromine-iodine-chloride-sodium springs, brine lakes and estuaries, marine waters. Salt baths are more pronounced thermal and hydrostatic effect, therefore, at diseases of cardiovascular system, they should be administered with caution.
Potable mineral water treatment. Mineral water, adopted inside, has a direct effect on the receptors mucous membranes of the mouth and the stomach and part of the duodenum, reflex causing changes of gastric secretion, helping to remove mucus.
Drinking mineral water along with a proper diet is prescribed for treatment of stomach and intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, urinary tract, diabetes mellitus. At illnesses of a stomach with low acidity gastric juice, mineral water appoint 15-20 min. before meal, with increased for 1 - 1.5 hours before eating. Is set and the temperature of the mineral water: cold water increases the motor function of the stomach and intestines, promotes spasm of the biliary tract and intestines; warm - helps relieve spasm and remove mucus. In most cases, the mineral water is prescribed in the form of hot (up to temperature 42-44 degrees) from 1/2 to 1 cups 2-3 times a day. Cold water is prescribed only if necessary, increase peristalsis in some forms of constipation.
Depending on the chemical properties of water celebrated unequal its action by ingestion. So, alkali (sodium bicarbonate) water better than other waters dissolve mucus; water containing a significant amount of calcium, a positive effect on inflammatory processes. Mineral water is also driving zheleobrazovatel and excretory functions that affect the function of the liver and pancreas, salt, protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Some of mineral water, mainly water containing calcium ions, have a diuretic effect, which in turn helps to wash away the products of inflammation, bacteria and urinary salts.
Mineral water used for rinsing of the mouth, inhalations, lavage of the stomach and intestines, enemas, irrigation. Balneotherapy is held for the appointment of a doctor and under the supervision of nurses.