Balms (Balsaraa) - liquid, consisting mainly of essential oils and dissolved in them resins, etc. For medical practice, the most important are the following balsams: Vinylinum, terpentine oil, Bengali balm, balsam fir; the latter is proposed to replace the canadian balm for use in microscopy with immersion system.
Terpentine oil cleared (Oleum Terebinthinae rectificatum; synonym turpentine, purified) is used externally as an ointment or as annoying and distracting vehicle with diseases of the muscles, joints, and internal organs. As weak antimicrobial, deodorizing and expectorant used for inhalation (1 teaspoon per Cup of hot water).
Bengali balm (Balsamum bengalicum) used in skin itching, pain as when neuralgia, rheumatic pain and other