Bondage - device for closing outside the hernia gate when hernias of the abdominal wall, holding the anterior abdominal wall and internal organs in normal position. The band is divided into Gruziya with pilotami and bandages-naruchniki, or belt.
The application of the hernia tyres currently limited; they are shown mainly in cases when for any reason the operation of Greenacre cannot be done. The band does not cure hernia, but only temporarily prevents vihodnie viscera through Gruziya gate. The use of the brace is only possible if upraveny hernias. Bandage in the femoral hernias appoint very rare, as pilot, closing Gruziya gate, squeezes adjacent femoral vessels.
a trussthe Main parts of hernial band (Fig. 1) are pilot and belt. Using pelota the closure is the hernia gate; belt holds pilot in place and ensures a constant pressure on the underlying tissues. Pilot is a metal plate with triangular or pear shape with the ball on the inside, manufactured of soft materials. Outside pilot cover leather, with internal - suede. On the outer surface pelota there are two buttons for fastening strap belt and podbereznyi. Narrow end of pilot connected with a belt. There are two types of zones - without springs. In the spring - the end of the spring riveted to pelota. Belt width 2,5 - 3 cm, narrow waist and rubbing cut into the body. Springless zone is a leather belt with a felt lining.
Bondage wear lying after reduction hernial protrusion. First put on the belt, then bandage close Gruziya gate. Strap belt, button so that pilot was densely pressed, and the belt does not cut into the body. Then clip podberezny, warning shift bandage up.
bandage-stomach-belthernia white line of the abdomen, umbilical and postoperative hernias, with the weakness of the muscles of the abdominal wall, the omission of entrails, during pregnancy and in the postpartum period apply bandages-naruchniki. Bandage-stomach-belt is a wide belt, made of durable fabric and rubber, with lacing and clasps (Fig. 2). If the bandage is applied at the hernia, from the inside respectively gryzunam goal is attached to pilot. The prenatal bandagepostnatal bandagesprenatal bandage (Fig. 3) front has additional lacing, which allows to increase the quantity as the pregnancy develops. Postpartum band (Fig. 4) is longer.
Female bandages have gum for fastening stocking.
Bandage-stomach-belt should be worn lying, preliminary having dismissed the lacing. After fastening buttons lacing tighten on the figure.
The bandage can be purchased in pharmacies or make individual orders on orthopedic enterprises.

Bandages (Franz. bandage) - machines for closing the hernia gate when hernias of the abdominal wall, strengthening the abdominal muscles and retention of the internal organs in normal position. B. divided into Gruziya and bandages-naruchniki, or belt. Gruziya B. appointed, but will itravil Oh hernia; when nevprawima hernia they contraindicated. Wearing hernial band - tool palliative, protects in a famous sea from infringement hernia, but leads to spikes in the field of hernial SAC, muscular atrophy (pressure). Gruziya bandages (Fig. 1 and 2) various designs (spring and springless, with pilotami different shapes and sizes.
In spring B. inside belt insert the spring from a strip steel, permanently bonded to the metal plate pelota. In springless bands belt soft - leather, textile braid, suede and thin felt or Fils. Belt width - not less than 2.5 cm; narrow belts are fitted in the body. The basis pelota is trimmed with leather plaque, on which is placed a pillow made of felt, wool, shredded rubber or wood chips. Cushion cover with a thin layer of cotton wool and sheathe suede. Abdominal B. should wear lying, when set hernia.
When femoral hernias B. used rarely, as they squeeze coming through the femoral canal major blood vessels. When umbilical hernia, rupture of the white line of the abdomen, as well as in low wall of the stomach, the omission of internal organs, pregnancy, after birth, etc. B. apply-naruchniki, or zone (Fig. 3). Them produce from dense textile materials, steel plates (plates) in the form of a belt or more tight corset tight body. In bandages-naruchniki into a rubber band which does not prevent the free breathing. Planchettes to the front of the b-stomach-belt replaced stitched welts with a hard cloth pad, allowing to bend down. In B.-naruchniki for umbilical hernia sewn slightly convex round pilot. If the hernia white line of the abdomen or postoperative hernia use of pelota or soft pillows oblong form. B. these do not prevent the infringement of a hernia. To maintain belly bottom there is an additional zone on the front wall of the tyre-nadzbruchya. When the pit of his stomach hem off the back of a soft pillow, increasing the pressure on the lower abdomen.
In young children with umbilical hernia B. does not apply, they should apply the patch, tightening the umbilical ring.
B.-naruchniki use during pregnancy (prenatal) (Fig. 4) and after childbirth (postpartum). First appointed
to maintain the foetus in the late condition and to help the taut muscles of the abdomen, the second - for the contraction of the abdomen. In antenatal B. there is an additional lace-up front, allowing you to modify the quantity as the increase in the abdomen. Postpartum b-naruchniki produce longer to seize upper thighs. Equip B.-stomach-belt lacing in the back weaken, and additional unfasten the belt. B.-stomach-belt wearing lying, bringing it under sacrolumbar region and buttoning buttons. Lacing tighten on the figure, fixed on hooks additional belt, rubber garter tied to the stockings. If omitted, viscera men garter replace podbereznyi, sewn tightly behind; front tied them to the buttons on the front-bottom edge of the tyre. B.-naruchniki bring relief to the sick and contribute to the restoration of work capacity.
Bandages produce individual and standard. Standard B. sold in pharmacies, private produce prosthetic factories and workshops. Cm. also Orthopedic devices.