Baths can be of different types: Russians (steam room), shower, mixed (Russian bath with bath and shower units), field (fixed or mobile).
As a rule, the baths consist of the following departments: cloakroom, soap (shower), steam room and boiler-pump for heating and water supply.
There baths bandwidth type: in the changing room all clothes rent for disinfection or fumigation in a special chamber, and obtained after processing in another room.
Rural bath should also have a cloakroom, a soap Opera with gangs and showers horns, sweating-room.
All baths in a particular situation can be accommodated by the sanitary inspection (see).
When washing in the bathhouse well-cleaned skin, increased sweating, increased metabolism.
When using steam room, where the temperature can reach 60 degrees and above, there is a significant expansion of blood vessels, increases the excretion of carbon dioxide and other products of metabolism, improves oxygen consumption. The use of steam is contraindicated in certain diseases of the heart, blood vessels, acute diseases of the eye, ear, lung tuberculosis, fevers, and other Prohibited the use of bath in a state of intoxication. Not permitted in shared bath persons with skin diseases.
After baths is wet machining floor, benches, walls with hot soap-soda solution or other disinfectants.
Baths field, mobile or fixed, intended for washing of people in the field. In the field bath throughput possible full sanitary processing.
Stationary field baths depending on the conditions are placed in holes in tents or in a specially equipped for these purposes the premises of the ground type (barn etc). At the device of baths in this home insulated walls, installing, partitioning, and more doors will be equipped with the receiver for waste waters. Heat the field baths metal or brick kilns. For heating water used wlasnie boilers, metal drums, and also boilers discontinuous and continuous action, steam water heaters (boilers).
Cm. also Showers.

The construction of the baths is carried out according to standard designs. There are standard designs B. from 50 to 300 places for cities and from 10 to 50 seats for urban settlements and rural settlements. B. place on quarterly territory with observance of sanitary protection gap in 25 m from houses and 50 m from the children's and medical institutions. The device baths. are distinguished: 1) Russian General razgovornymi, soap and steam; 2) per capita type with shared or private bath and shower cabins; 3) mixed type; 4) health throughput capacity (see).
Each bath should consist of the following facilities: a lobby with a cloakroom, oidinoi, razdevalki, soap, steam room; including auxiliary premises can be Barber, closet, room for staff. The number of seats, and hence the area of all rooms is calculated from the number of places in razdevalki: oidinoi - 35%, in the wardrobe - 135%in a soap - 65-75% and steam room - 10%. Razdevalka, in which there is close contact between the already vylivshiesya and just come, should be subject to special sanitary supervision.
Height of the main premises B. is of great hygienic value. In B. up to 100 seats, it is assumed to be equal to 3.3 l, b with lots of places - 4,2 m
Water supply b is supplied from the municipal water system; in the absence of centralized water supply Pets local device. The quality of water, beaten in the Baltic, shall meet the requirements of drinking water quality. Wastewater from the Baltic down in the common Sewerage network of the settlement. In the absence of municipal sewage purification and neutralization of bathing waters is required, the device of local treatment facilities (coagulation, sedimentation and chlorination). Fecal water in this case is collected in a water-proof cesspool and taken out of the slurry tank transport.
Bath should be equipped with Central heating and combined extract and input ventilation and heating the supply air. In B. to 50 seats Pets stove heating and ventilation natural draught. Reference temperature and the frequency of the exchange of air in the main premises B. in the table.
All premises B. must have natural light (the light factor 1 : 10 in major rooms and 1 : 12 in the back). The intensity of artificial lighting in razdevalka and washing areas baths with fluorescent lamps 100 LX, with incandescent lamps is 50 Lux (on the floor). Internal furnish of premises B. must allow wet cleaning and disinfection. The best material for the walls and floors are tiles.

Bath is an ancient method of healing of body and soul! And the only modern and reliable way of getting rid of toxins and poisons with interest falling into our body through air, water, food. It is known that toxins and accelerate our aging. So there is no more effective way to rejuvenate and cleanse the body.
Bath is one of the few places where a person has an inevitable possibility to completely relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
The results of constant visits exceeds all imaginable expectations! Power, energy and beauty are never leave you!