Banks medical

medical banksBanks medical - glass vessels with thickened edge and advanced rounded bottom capacity 30-70 ml, used for local treatment.
Banks put on the skin surface entire circumference after rarefaction of air in them, which is achieved by the rapid heating of the air inside banks with a piece of burning woolwrapped around a stick and moistened with alcohol or ether. The skin is involved in the Bank, acquiring bright pink or purple colour. For better suction and warnings burn the skin before staging banks should be lubricated with vaseline. So when removing cans not to cause pain, you need one hand to slightly bend the Bank to the side, and the fingers of the other hand on the opposite side to produce a light pressure on the skin at the edge of banks, the Bank enters the air, and it is easily eliminated.
Usually banks put on subclavian, under - scapula, and the lumbar region. Banks left in place 15-20 minutes
Cupping cause flushing of the skin and lower fabrics. As a result of banks increases blood and lymph circulation, improves nutrition and the resistance of tissues, absorbed faster inflammatory foci. Medical banks use: inflammatory processes in organs of the chest (bronchitis, pneumonia, dry pleurisy); the phenomena of stagnation in the small circle of blood circulation, acute and chronic myositis, neuromyositis, neuralgia, neuritis and perineuritis. Contraindications to the use of cans with lung tuberculosis, malignant tumors.

Banks (dry) - glass vessels with rounded bottom and thicker edges, used for local distracting treatment. Capacity cans varies from 30 to 70 ml, B. smallest size used for children. B. put to a surface of the skin after dilution air into them, which is achieved rapid rubbing the bottom and walls B. wound up on a stick dipped in alcohol and burning cotton. Then the hole quickly B. press to a surface of the skin immediately all his circle, and the need to be careful not to cause skin burns. Due to the negative pressure inside B. it sticks to the skin, which sprovedeno drawn into the Bank and gradually takes on a reddish-purple colour appear point bleeding. For best sucking the skin before staging B. should be lubricated with vaseline. B. leave on for 15-20 minutes, and then take off with one hand just rejecting B. in hand, and the other gently pressing down on the skin at the edge of the banks. At that, the air penetrates into the Bank, and it is easy and painless disappears. Sometimes after B. on skin bubbles with serous fluid; they quickly dry up with crusts, which then disappears. B. put on the ground with enough muscle and fatty layer, where there is no bone tabs: subclavian, axillary, over-, inter - and subscapularis and the lumbar region.
B. cause the active and passive flushing of the skin and deeper tissues that have pain-relieving, and in inflammatory processes - resolving action. Formed in places of hemorrhages in the skin breakdown products of protein and autolysis blood cells annoying, like autohemotherapy and nonspecific desensibilization. Used by banks mainly in inflammatory diseases of the thorax organs (bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, pericarditis), the stagnation in the pulmonary circulation, nejrobiologija, disappear.