Baranyi chair

Baranyi chairbaranyi chair rotating in a horizontal plane chair to study the function of the vestibular apparatus (Fig.).
Research methodology (rotational test) - see Vestibulometry.
At present there appeared a more advanced installation with electronic mechanisms precise velocity, angular acceleration, and also to make an objective check of reaction of the patient.

Baranyi chair (R. Barany) - special rotating chair for the study of the functional state of the vestibular analyzer (rotational test). Chair baranyi consists of seats, rotating in a horizontal plane, and the bases (Fig.). The seat is attached to the vertical bar, handrails and footrest. Through vertical rod seat lead in the movement. The rotation of the investigated make the task as the right (clockwise)and left. Baranyi proposed the following method of rotation: within 20 seconds. make 10 revolutions, then after a quick stop chairs determine the duration posleprodazhnogo nystagmus using the stopwatch. With chair baranyi is not always possible to obtain the exact data about anxiety vestibular analyzer, also its disadvantage is the complexity and significant weight. In this regard, we created a new type of chair for rotation with a threshold speed, as well as the suggested lightweight design that can be easily disassembled and stored. New models allow us to cause irritation of the vestibular apparatus not only the rotation, but the position of the chair in sagittal and frontal planes (see Vestibulometry).