Baranyi rattle

ratchet baranyibaranyi rattle (zagustel ear) - the device (Fig) to temporarily turn off the hearing in one ear in the study of the functional abilities of another (often using tuning forks).
Baranyi rattle to some extent reduces and hearing ability investigated ear.

Baranyi rattle (R. Wagapu) - the device to turn off one ear from hearing the act; useful for the investigation hearing. B. T. (Fig) consists of a metal drum, which is the hammer, in contact with parchment membrane. The hammer is powered clock spring; the noise arising from the blows of the hammer on the membrane, is held to the ear through the olive tree, mounted in the machine. The disadvantage B. so is that it drowns out not only one ear, but also decreases (due to bone, and partly air conductivity noise) hearing ability of the other ear.
Baranyi ratchet: 1 - tip; 2 - start button; 3 - box; 4 - key