Barium (Barium, VA) - the element of group II of the periodic system of elements of D. I. Mendeleev; refers to the alkaline earth metals. Ever since. room 56, at. weight 137,34, valence +2. Known to 7 stable isotopes of barium and radioactive 15. Barium is a soft silvery-white metal with a density of 3.5, temperature PL 710-717°, temperature instrumentation 1634-1640 degrees. Chemically very active and rapidly oxidized in the air. Keep barium in kerosene. Oxygen B. forms an oxide (HLW) and peroxide (HLW2) - a strong oxidizing agent used to produce hydrogen peroxide, halogen salts (WAN2), with grey - sulfide (BaS). Vigorously allocates hydrogen from water and acids. Hydroxide - BA(OH)2 (caustic barite) - a strong alkali. All soluble compounds B. toxic: chloride B. - ВаCl2·2H2O is used to control pests of beet and other crops, nitrate Barium - Ba(NO3)2 is used in pyrotechnics, acetate - VA(N3With2O2)2, carbonate VASO3 (little is soluble in water, but well in acid) is used in glass production, for struggle against rodents as a poison, and so on, barium Sulphate - BaSO4 (practically insoluble, not poisonous), is used for x-ray examinations (see below). Get B. the electrolysis of fused chloride. Define B. weight method in the form BaSO4, chelatometric titration and by a spectroscope. B. refers to the nervous and muscular poisons, deposits in small quantities in almost all organs, more in the bones.
In acute poisoning B. vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, the disorder of brain activity and other First aid - washing stomach 1 % solution Na2SO4 or MgSO4, enema of 10% solutions of the same salt.
Barium sulphate for fluoroscopy (Barium sulfuricum pro Roentgeno). Apply per os or enemas in one of rentgencontrastnykh substances in radiological examination of the stomach and intestines. Appoint 100 - 150 g in the form of water mist or porridge. Prescribe fully: "Barium sulfuricum pro Roentgeno", not to be confused with soluble salts. Cm. also a Contrast agent.