The hyperbaric chamber

the hyperbaric chamberrecompression Chamber is hermetically closed space, which creates low or high pressure air. Depending on the device and destination of the discerning of the vacuum chamber (creation of low pressure), compression (creation of high pressure), Deco (creation of alternating pressure depending on the objectives of the experiment). Hyperbaric chambers, which supported set temperature, called termobarocamerr. If necessary, hyperbaric chambers are equipped with a special ventilation devices, and the devices, allowing to judge the progress of the experiment and providing complete security for individuals and experimenters. Hyperbaric chambers are widely used for experimental purposes, for the treatment of decompression and other diseases, to training athletes and other Particularly wide application of hyperbaric chambers found in the aviation and space medicine. They allow to solve important problems of the influence of high degree of rarefaction of the atmosphere on the human body; the problems associated with acute hypoxic human body, the impact of various gas mixtures, decompression events and so on

The pressure chamber is hermetically closed facility, equipped with everything necessary to create in it low (vacuum chambers) or increased (compression chamber) pressure and stay of people or animals in these conditions. The pressure chamber is widely used for research works on studying of influence on an organism of animals and humans low and high barometric pressure and its changes (differential pressure), often in combination with Other factors in aviation and space biology and medicine (vacuum b), if the prevention and treatment of decompression (decompression sickness, for the selection and training of athletes and people working in the conditions of the amended barometric pressure, the test used in these conditions of the apparatus and appliances, and in some other fields of medicine and engineering. Compression B., specially designed for the treatment of decompression sickness, usually called therapeutic gateways. Recently B. became more widely used for the treatment of some diseases (see Barotherapy), and to perform them in surgical operations (beoperational).
Depending on the destination B. sharply differ in their size, equipment, complexity of the device. The simplest chamber for experiments with small laboratory animals is a small metal (sometimes even thick-walled glass jar, coupled with the pump and pressure gauge. There are complex bulky B., consisting of a complex of technical devices: the premise that changes the pressure of powerful pumping stations, special systems of supply of oxygen regeneration and air purification, control and communications, numerous monitoring devices, additional devices for temperature change (termobarocamerr), create accelerations and other
Often (in compression chambers almost always) held gateway (essentially B. second, coupled with the core), which thanks to self-control you can change the pressure at a constant pressure in the main B. It provides access of people in B. and out of it while maintaining constant pressure in the main room.
Usually satisfied with a small gateways to transfer devices, food, etc.
Camera for low pressure made with doors (doors), opening to the outside, and B. for high pressure - with doors opening inwards; in both cases the difference between the barometric pressure inside the chamber and outside provides hermetic seal doors to the gaskets.
Compression B. are especially strong, as they must withstand the pressure sometimes several tens of atmospheres. Such B. are cylindrical in shape with a spherical bottoms, shall be made of steel. Supplied to them from the compressor air is cleaned. B. for low pressure are not only cylindrical, but also the form, close to a rectangular parallelepiped. Alongside there are stationary B. mobile
Research in b can be carried out in conditions of their constant ventilation, ensuring a certain composition of the air, and in conditions of complete sealing, without admission of outdoor air. In that case, you can either relatively short stay, or the use of special facilities, providing regeneration air. Often for different purposes in B. create artificial gas environment that is different from atmospheric air is not only pressure but also the composition of the gases (for example, provide breathing B. in almost pure oxygen mixture with helium and others).
Different from the atmospheric pressure in the chamber and its changes can cause different pathological conditions (acute and chronic), and even death. The main reasons for that can be a mechanical effect, causing barotrauma; air embolism associated with the formation of dissolved in the body of gas bubbles at low pressure; toxic effect inherent in all gases (especially oxygen at high pressure; oxygen starvation at negative pressure by lowering the partial pressure of oxygen. Therefore, the application of the Baltic requires not only technically perfect condition of installations, but also qualified technical and medical care. To stay in the chamber shall be open only to people who med certification according to the special program. The use of b is regulated by the state supervision and special technical and medical instructions and allowed only under the control of personnel trained.