Barafundle - the ability of some cavities of the human body and animals (middle ear, sinuses , and others), which contains atmospheric air or gases, to respond to external fluctuations of atmospheric pressure. The most sensitive to the fluctuations of the middle ear. The definition of barafundle ear (see the Gauge of the ear) plays a large role in the selection of pilots, divers, caisson workers.

Barafundle - the ability of humans and animals respond to changes in barometric pressure of the atmosphere. This ability to have the organs or systems that have closed or semi-closed cavity containing air (middle ear, sinuses or gases (intestines). Almost the greatest importance barafundle ear as subjective sensation in the ears when changing barometric pressure occur much earlier than in the sinuses (frontal sinus) or in the abdominal cavity (intestinal bloating). In the middle ear are malleable outer wall of the tympanic cavity (eardrum) and the ventilation system to equalize the air pressure in the tympanic cavity [auditory (Evstafieva) tube]. Fluctuations of atmospheric pressure of the surrounding air in the form of his unusual changes sometimes are not able to quickly stabilize in the tympanic cavity in relation to the surrounding atmosphere, which causes unpleasant feeling of stuffiness ear and pain of varying intensity (see Barotrauma). Determination of the degree of B. ear is made on a four system ear gauge (see the Gauge of the ear).
Violations of barafundle ear observed in diseases of the nose and nasopharynx, wrong bite, anatomical features of the structure of the auditory tube. Furthermore, it is recognized and the so-called oxygenic etiology disturbances B. by nedorazumeniya or glut of the mucous membrane of the tympanic cavity and auditory tube oxygen. In violation of barafundle ear possible aeratic (see) and decreased hearing on the type of lesion sound carrying out device.