The effect of changes in barometric pressure

Significant changes of air pressure, the environment (water) and partial pressures of gases associated with the specific terms of human activities - diving and decompression of work, mountain ascents, flying in airplanes and spacecraft, as well as works by using a modified barometric pressure and gas composition in hyperbaric chambers for medical and scientific purposes.
In some circumstances, require investigation (accidents, violations of rules of safety and other), at bodies of justice arises the need to appoint a forensic medical examination to establish the nature of the damage or cause of death caused by sudden changes in barometric pressure.

  • The effect of increased barometric pressure
  • Effect of low barometric pressure
  • Checklist
    1. Describe the pathogenesis of death in low barometric pressure.
    2. What pathomorphological features characterize death from high barometric pressure?
    3. What characterized by an explosive decompression?