Bartal (Barotalum; list B) -sedative, derivative of barbituric acid. Also has a calming effect. As a sleeping pill is used to 0.25 g, as a sedative for functional diseases of nervous system - 0,125-0,25 g 1-2 times a day. After receiving a single dream lasts 6-8 hours. The highest single dose of 0.5, the method of production: powder and pills to 0.25 g Cm. also Sleeping pills.

Bartal (Barotalum; synonym Kalypnon; SP. B) - hypnotic and sedative; 5-krotil-5-ethylbarbituric acid. As a sedative used in the treatment of functional diseases of the nervous system - 0,125-0,25 g 1 - 2 times a day, as sleeping pills to 0.25, the Highest single dose of 0.5, Form of issue - powders and tablets 0.25 g Cm. also Sleeping pills.