Barotrauma - damage resulting from sharp fluctuations of atmospheric pressure. Barotrauma may occur in the explosion, as well as pilots, divers, sailors. The most sensitive to barotrauma middle ear. With increasing atmospheric pressure, if time is not align it in the middle ear through the auditory (Evstafieva) pipe, eardrum is drawn up, lowering - protrudes. Increase or decrease of atmospheric pressure through the ear drum and the chain auditory ossicles is passed in the inner ear, which is reflected in its functions. Sometimes when barotrauma is rupture of the eardrum.
At the time of barotrauma sufferer feels unpleasant "hit" in my ear and a sharp pain. Appear noise and ringing in the ears, decreased hearing, sometimes dizziness. When otoscopy in the eardrum are determined by the expansion of the blood vessels, bleeding, often spilled hyperemia. Rupture of the tympanic membrane may be accompanied by bleeding from the ear. The defeat of the muscles of the middle ear with barotrauma manifest worsening adaptability to perceive the whispered and spoken language.
Treatment. When barotrauma the eardrum and middle ear impose sterile wad of cotton wool in the ear canal inside prescribed drugs bromine. Cleaning the ear canal from blood clots and even the dirt is contraindicated. Further treatment is performed by a doctor.
Prevention: the observance of rules of safety at work in conditions of action of rarefaction, the use of protivosokove (see).

Barotrauma - corruption body, which occurs when the changes of barometric pressure in the atmosphere. Barotrauma primarily exposed to the authorities containing air or gases (light, middle ear, sinuses, intestines). Most often barotrauma exposed to the middle ear, less often light and the most rarely the intestines. B. ear occurs either when a sudden change of atmospheric pressure on one side of the eardrum, or if it is changed on both sides. In the first case, the ventilation system of the middle ear is very important, as the pressure increases only from the external ear canal. Feedback depends on the strength of the pressure curve its growth and sustainability of the tympanic membrane (C. F. Andric, K. L. Chilov, A. P. Smirnov and others).
To barotrauma due to sudden changes in air pressure on one side of the ear drum arise when shots at the ear, and under the influence of detonation (explosions). In the latter case, the initially rapid pressure increase, then its rapid decline. After a short period of time periodically pressure fluctuations, caused by a sound wave. B. due to a sudden increase in pressure on one side of the ear drum occurs when the pressure
only from the tympanic cavity. At forced aeration of the middle ear through the auditory (Evstafieva) pipe, especially if the modified eardrum as a result of diseases, may also arise barotrauma ear, up to rupture the eardrum.
Barotrauma ear with variations of barometric pressure (on both sides of the eardrum) often occurs in pilots, divers, sailors. In these cases, the ventilation of the middle ear (the auditory tube) may be unable to handle the increasing load, and the pressure in the tympanic cavity not varanitsa with the necessary speed.
The clinical picture. When the shots and the detonation can rupture the eardrum, bleeding in the tympanic cavity. At strong shots and detonation marked pathological changes in the inner ear (hemorrhage, dispersion cells kortieva body, turbidity and swelling of them). With variations of barometric pressure there hyperemia eardrum, bleeding in her, and sometimes and violation of her integrity. Subjectively B. when the ear of any origin at first felt a jolt in his ear and pain of varying intensity, noise, ringing, sometimes dizziness. At hearing research is determined by the defeat of the conductive system (bass deafness saved bone conduction). If the damaged inner ear, it is observed shortening of bone conduction and the decrease in hearing high-pitched sounds. When you barotrauma ear develop persistent morphological changes in the middle ear, which entail the lowering of hearing and violation of barafundle (see) of the ear.
Prevention. It should be carefully selected to work in conditions of action of rarefaction persons with good barafundle ear, conduct training in pressure chambers, apply proteosome.
Treatment. The victim is released from work in conditions of action of rarefaction (before recovery), ear put a sterile dressing, further symptomatic treatment.