Barre - LEU syndrome

Barre - LEU syndrome (J. A. Barre, J. S. Lieou; synonym: cervical migraine, vertebral artery syndrome, the syndrome of the spinal nerve) is a syndrome characterized by pain in the neck and head, vestibular and hearing and vision impaired. The most common symptom is pain that starts in the back of the neck and spread to the occipital, parietal, temporal-Malar region. Due to irradiation suffer and in the forehead, eye, ear, sometimes in the spine (up lumbar), in the upper part of the chest, in the upper extremities. In some cases, the pain is localized mainly in the forehead and top of the head and neck and neck are very few expressed. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by paresthesia in the form of feelings "tightening" of the head, "bulging" eyes, feeling cold, burning. In some cases, pain are paroxysmal character (duration-from several minutes to several hours and more), while others constant (with periodically coming exacerbations). Pain are one - and two-sided. Many patients complain of paroxysmal pain in the entity that gives rise to diagnosis "atypical facial neuralgia". Other symptoms Barre - LEU syndrome include: nausea, dizziness, ringing or buzzing in the ears, headache; feeling of "blocked" in the ear; a temporary decrease in vision; fatigue.
Differential-diagnostic feature is the emergence or increase of symptoms during head movement (hence the inherent patients fear to go in the vertical position). Also typical gesture of "removal of helmets, the sick, wishing to show the distribution area of pain, half-bent hand is carried out in the direction from cervical-occipital to the parietal and frontal areas, and nail phalanx of the middle finger moving average line. It is often stated soreness in the course of the occipital nerves. Described sensitivity disorders in areas innervated by the trigeminal nerve. In the basis of the syndrome is the defect in the vertebral artery and the accompanying sympathetic plexus (the so-called spinal nerve)caused by pathological processes in the cervical spine (spondylosis, osteochondrosis, trauma, tumor, and others). The nature of these pathological processes and defined therapeutic measures.