Bastian law

Bastian law (N. Ch. Bastian) -fading tendon reflexes at high spinal injuries. The partial failure of the above passages reflex arc of this tendon or subperiosteal reflex usually leads to the increase of this illusion. If the defeat captures the entire cross-section of the spinal cord, and tendon, and periosteal reflexes, and tone of the muscles not only did not increase, but fade away.
These facts Bastian interpreted in the light of the teachings of Jackson on hypercontinuum the influence of the cerebellum: loss cerebellar pulses in the spinal cord transection should lead to atony and areflexia. In the clinic of such symptoms may occur in connection with disorders of the blood and lymph circulation in the lower regions of the spinal cord, exposure to toxins, the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid and damage (as a result of increasing its pressure) posterior roots. The greatest importance in the mechanism of these disorders has apparently dishes (see)Sm. also pathological Reflexes.