Motilal (Batilolum; synonym: batrawy alcohol, Batilol; list B) is a stimulant leikopoaiza. Used for the prevention of radiation injuries in radiotherapy, and in the treatment of chronic radiation sickness. Motilal assign inside of 0.02 g with a small amount of butter or oil. Prophylactic take 2, with medical - 3-4 times a day. The course of treatment is 4-6 weeks. During treatment requires strict control of blood.
The form of release: tablets of 0.02 g
Cm. also Stimulants leikopoaiza.

Motilal (Batilolum)-2-octadecylamine ether glycerin. Assigned inside of 0.02 g 2 times a day for the prevention and 3 times in the treatment of radiation sickness. B. take with butter or vegetable oil for 30 minutes before eating. Treatment rates for 4-6 weeks.