Batumi resort area

Batumi is a resort area - group climatic foothill of Adjara seaside resorts on the black sea coast, located on a narrow coastal strip in width from 2 to 7 km, for 35 km to the North-East of the Batumi: Makhinjauri, Green Cape (Mcfate Conchi), Cicis-Jiri, Kobuleti (Fig).
Map of resorts and medical districts of Batumi resort area.
Batumi is a resort area lies in the zone of the humid subtropical climate which is characterized by a combination of large quantities of heat and moisture. Summers are warm with average monthly air temperature in July and August 21 degrees)long, with a predominance of Sunny weather, with temperatures in some days to 33 degrees. Planatations weather cause a feeling of closeness. Autumn is warm, characterized by an increase in rainfall, which bears a heavy character. Winter is very mild (the average temperature in January 4th). Spring is short, cooler autumn. Annual precipitation is about 2700 mm, Number of hours of sunshine per year - about 1850.
The main therapeutic agents: climate, sun and air baths, swimming in the sea. The beaches are covered with a layer of gravel and sand, are gently sloping to the sea. Sea bathing from may to November. Average sea water temperature from June to October, 24th. Lush subtropical and decorative vegetation (palm trees, magnolias, eucalyptus, cypress, bananas and so on), covered with evergreen trees, mountains, eternal snow of the Main Caucasian ridge give a special charm Batumi and the surrounding resorts.
6 km from Batumi in the valley between Cape Kara-Dar and Green Cape, the resort is Makhinjauri. He has brackish and labouratory chloride-hydrocarbonate-sodium water of which is used for bathing in the accompanying diseases of movement organs of not tubercular character, the peripheral. nervous system, gynecological diseases. 9 km from Batumi is a resort Cape Verde, 19 km by rail. D. resort of Cicis-Jiri, and 21 and from Batumi by rail. D. (33 km on the highway) is the largest the resort of Adjara, Kobuleti one of the best on the black sea coast of the Caucasus beach, bordered almost the entire length of thick green stripe years of coniferous trees. In all resorts there are specialized sanatoriums, boarding houses, numerous holiday homes, resort polyclinics, private buildings and other medical institutions.
Batumi and its surroundings are of great interest for tourists. To the seaside Boulevard of the city is connected to a big gravel-sand medical beach with a resort polyclinic, and a building warm sea bathing. Here the tourist base, comfortable hotels. 8 km from the town is the Botanical garden, one of the best in the USSR.
Indications for sanatorium treatment in the resort of Batumi district: diseases of respiratory organs of not tubercular character, functional diseases of nervous system, diseases of cardiovascular system with circulatory failure is not higher than I degree (except for northerners hottest months are July and August), secondary anemia and fatigue. Cm. also Resorts.