Behceta disease

Behceta syndrome (N. Behcet) is a chronic relapsing disease, characterized by lesions of the mucous membrane of the mouth, genitals and eyes ("trachenotmy syndrome"). Touraine (A. Touraine) attributed to the group of so-called big aftosa.
The etiology of illness behceta unknown, the disease occurs mainly in young men. Histologically: non-specific, mostly round-cell perivascular infiltration.
Clinically defeat of the mouth proceeds by type aphthous stomatitis, sometimes formed clearly distinguished, quickly bursting bubbles, after opening which remain superficial painful erosion. From genital - erosive vulvit, balanopostit, rarely weak urethritis, sometimes epididymitis. Lesions in the eyes of various character: soft severe conjunctivitis, keratit, irit, iridotsyklit, uveit, atrophy of the optic nerve; recurrent hypopyon-irit can lead to blindness. Full triad defeats when illness behceta is not always may be no damage to eyes or genitals, or some symptoms sharply expressed, others barely noticeable.
Skin rash when illness behceta polymorphic type multiforme and exudative erythema, piodermity, hemorrhages in the skin and mucous membranes, sometimes thrombophlebitis. In severe illness behceta marked hematuria, gastrointestinal bleeding, arthralgia, lesions of the nervous system (headaches, tremor, parestesia)arising in different terms from the beginning of the disease. Some patients were abnormal cerebrospinal fluid, even in the absence of clinical symptoms of the nervous system. When illness behceta often observed accelerated ROHE, leukocytosis, rarely - eosinophilia.
Differential diagnosis of illness behceta spend with multiforme exudative erythema (see), with pluriregular erosive ectodermal Fiessinger - Randy, with Reiter syndrome and disease (see).
The prediction of when illness behceta quo ad vitam favorable, if not come severe complications, mainly on the part of the nervous system. Patients with Behcet's disease should be kept under systematic clinical observation.
Treatment. Corticosteroids: prednisolone on 20-40 mg dexamethasone 3-6 mg, triamcinolone 20 - 24 mg / day; daily dose with the improvement of the disease, gradually reduce. Duration of treatment depends on the dates of the onset of remission. Also nominated large doses of vitamin C (1.5 grams per day), with secondary infection - antibiotics (tetracycline, erythromycin). Topical treatment of lesions of the genital organs, eyes, mucous membranes of the oral cavity is carried out according to the General principles of treatment of similar diseases. Spa treatment is not recommended.