Beli qualitatively and quantitatively changed separated genitals women - clinical symptom of various departments of the reproductive system, and sometimes the common ailments of the body. In normal conditions in the vagina has a certain structure, the content, the amount of which somewhat increases in secretornuu phase of the menstrual cycle. Center distinguish pipe, uterine, cervical, vaginal and vestibular Beli.
Pipe Beli appear in inflammation of fallopian tubes, which subsequently often ends with hydrosalpinx or pyosalpinx (see Adnexitis). Closed abdominal opening of the fallopian tube, and uterine her hole sharply tapering due to swelling, especially before ovulation. Contents accumulates in the lumen of the fallopian tube, and then portions of the pouring out of the uterus. Beli more liquid, stand out periodically (porcionnye) and are usually accompanied by pain. Pipe Beli most often observed at tuberculous lesions of the uterine tubes, sometimes with cancer.
Uterine Beli arise when endometritis different etiology and polyps, in old age can be symptoms of cancer. In acute endometritis Beli usually are festering, for chronic, watery, with cancer - color meat slops.
Cervical Beli arise in violation of the cervical secretion glands. In norm the glands of the cervix produce a clear mucus production it is amplified by the time of ovulation. Increased production of cervical glands can be observed in General (tuberculosis, diseases of the endocrine system and gynecological diseases: gonorrhea, polyps, cicatrices after former cervixes.
Vaginal Beli can occur as a result of mechanical, thermal, chemical factors, by entering into the vagina pathogenic microorganisms. Last contribute breaks crotch, prolapse of the vaginal walls, long stay in the vagina foreign bodies (the unsustainable use of contraceptives). Color selections and their appearance depends on pathogenic microflora, which is the vagina (frothy with trichomoniasis, greenish when purulent infections etc).
Vestibular Beli appear in connection with hypersecretion of sebaceous glands and mucous glands vulvar inflammation of large glands vestibule of the vagina (we have to stop spreading).
Appearing on the external genitals, highlight cause discomfort, pain, itching, and sometimes skin irritation, that compels a woman to turn to the doctor. If there whiter you must determine the cause, required thorough gynecological examination, bacteriological examination secret sex organs.
The total treatment depends on the cause of death. The nurse or midwife conducts local treatment for the purposes and under the supervision of a physician in the treatment room: a warm vaginal douching, vaginal baths of 2% solution of nitrate of silver, the introduction of tampons with drugs (2% syntomycin or streptocida emulsion) and other Treatments are usually performed in a day, in special cases - daily.
Prevention whiter - observance of hygienic measures (see Personal hygiene women) and treatment of the disease, causing Beli.

Beli (lat. fluor - after flowing liquid) is quantitatively and qualitatively changed separated genitals of the woman. The most frequent symptom of gynecological diseases. Beli are called genital (gonorrhea, tuberculosis, omission genitals, fibroids, cancer, thermal and chemical irritants, trichomoniasis, and others) and extragenital causes (diseases of internal organs, infectious, neuroendocrine disorders, occupational hazards and so on). Beli are distinguished by place of occurrence.
Pipe Beli. Normally, cells fallopian tubes emit little secret. In inflammatory processes in the pipe selection intensify, abdominal her hole closes, uterine squeezed swelling, and pipe turns into a bag with watery, purulent, bloody or mucous content. Periodically this content is poured out through the uterus into the vagina in the form whiter, usually accompanied by pain. Uterine Beli normal human being also out of sorrow and not highlighted. Their presence indicates inflammatory disease, cancer, etc., These Beli often purulent nature, grayish or yellowish colour with greenish tint, their consistence dense. Cervical Beli. Normal cervix produces transparent, whitish mucus (0.5-1 ml secret for a day). In acute and chronic endocervicitis (especially gonorrhea) appear viscous unclear Beli mucous or purulent nature; if endocervicitis accompanied by erosion, mucous whiter can be streaks of blood. When polyposis and ulceration of submucosal fibroids, endometrial cancer and cervical cancer to b tainted blood. Vaginal Beli. Vaginal discharge enhanced during ovulation, before and after menstruation; as a rule, they are the woman is not concerned about. In inflammatory diseases of the cervix, vagina, tumors, etc., appear B. different nature. Blood Beli with cancer of the vagina, abundant liquid yellowish discharges with a mixture of foam, as a rule, caused by Trichomonas infection. Vestibular Belinormally poorly expressed, are observed only in inflammatory diseases. B. these are cloudy mucus alkaline reaction. The reason vestibular B. may be vulvit, non-observance of rules of personal hygiene, ulcerative processes of the vulva, diabetes and other
Diagnostics. Examination of the vagina and cervix using mirrors in helping to establish B. source: hyperemia and infiltration of the vestibule of the vagina, the gap cervical erosion, ectropion, polyposis, swelling and other Yellow, yellow-green b frequent in gonorrhea; pure purulent B. usually when pyometra; the blood to b - a common symptom of cancer of the uterus; watery copious whitish - symptom constitutional inferiority of the body. Watery liquid colorless B. sometimes one of the earliest signs of cancer of the uterus.
Prevention - periodic check-UPS to detect diseases of the reproductive organs in women. The organization of enterprises rooms of personal hygiene for women, measures on labour protection, appropriate clothing for women.
Treatment whiter should be aimed at eliminating pathologic process. Along with local treatment necessary restorative measures include good nutrition, hygiene of work and life, vitamin therapy, etc.