Bemegride (Bemegridum; list B)- analepticheskih tool, the antagonist of sleeping pills and drugs. Used in acute poison pills (primarily barbiturates), overdose of narcotic drugs and to accelerate the revival in anaesthesia. Enter bemegride slow intravenous 0.5% solution of 1 - 3 10-20 ml depending on the severity of poisoning and General condition of the patient. Method of production: 0.5% solution in vials of 10 ml of 0.5% solution in sealed bottles containing 30 or 100 ml of the preparation. Cm. also Stimulants nervous activity.

Bemegride (Bemegridum) - analepticheskih a means of providing a stimulating effect on the Central nervous system; antagonist pills and drugs, especially derivatives of barbituric acid; 2,6-dioxo-4-methyl-4-ethyl-piperidine. Used in acute poisoning barbituratami, to correct breathing stops during anesthesia with barbiturate, ether, halothane, for anaesthesia and accelerate the revival. Enter intravenous (slowly) in the form of 0.5% solution. In acute poisoning barbituratami, for the withdrawal of narcosis, correct breathing stops while volatile anaesthetic drugs used 10-20 ml of 0.5% solution bemegrida. To resolve stop breathing with barbituric anaesthesia is administered 1-3 ml; high doses bemegrida can cause a revival. Generalizirovanny sick as analeptiki enter 2-5 ml B. method of production: ampoules and 10 ml of 0.5% solution at izotonicescom solution of sodium chloride, hermetically sealed vials to 30 or 100 ml of the same solution. At low temperature of solution crystals may fall B. that re-dissolved when heating up to 50 degrees.
Cm. also Stimulants nervous activity.