The method bennetti

Bennetti method - the method of staining of bacterial flagella.
As flagella are easy to remove from the body of the germ at various manipulations, their colour should be done very carefully. For preparation of drug use 18-hour agar or 5-6 hours broth culture of well-motile bacteria. Sediment culture resuspendiruetsa in distilled water, and a drop of such suspension examined by the method of crushed drops in phase-contrast microscope or dark field. Bacterial suspension is applied on clean hour glass to fix, add a drop of 2% solution omaboy acid. Better to capture pairs omaboy acid or formalin; this watch glass with culture placed in a Petri dish, next put a small piece of cotton wool soaked fixing solution; a Cup tightly; exposure time-commit-3-5 minutes Then microbial suspension put drawn by the end of the Pasteur pipettes or bacteriological loop to skim the scanner glass in the form of droplets (1-3 drops next). When drops dry, glass slide quickly carried out through a flame and produce color of the drug specially prepared staining solution, which is prepared ex tempore of two solutions: 1 g sulfate zinc and 10 g tannin in 100 ml of distilled water (solution 1); alcohol saturated solution of gentian violet (solution 2).
To 5 ml of a 1 add 3 ml of solution 2, carefully mix and pour on the drug, which is heated by the flame until vapor, washed with water, dried and examined with oil immersion in the microscope. Cm. also the Colour of microorganisms.