Bence-Jones protein

Bence-Jones protein - protein found in the urine in myeloma, and which is an important diagnostic feature of this disease. To detect the Bence-Jones protein urine, acidified to pH 5,5, filtered and heated; with temperature of about 56 degrees protein which precipitates upon acidification is dissolved. For the quantitative determination of urine is heated to a temperature 70 degrees, sludge is separated by centrifugation, washed with water, alcohol, ether and weigh.

Bence-Jones protein (N. Bence Jones)-a protein in the urine (from a share of percent up to 6-7%) in multiple myeloma, sometimes when lymphadenosis, lymphosarcoma, osteomalacia. For detection of b-D. b. urine is acidified to pH OK. 5,0, filtered and heated on a water bath. When temperature of 50-70° an sediment, the number of which increases with further heating (sticky residue), and he gradually crumbling mass of floating on the surface of urine, and dissolves when heated to boiling. At cooling cake should again fall. To verify add a bit of concentrated hydrochloric acid, b-D. b. should be curtailed. These properties allow to distinguish hypertensive Bence-Jones from other types of albuminuria.