Benzotef (Bensotephum; list a) - antineoplastic. Applied for the treatment of lung cancer with metastases in the pleura, breast cancer (in metastases and defeat pleura), ovarian cancer ( ascites, metastases). Enter benzotef intravenously, vnutribruchinno, vnutriplevralno. Contraindications and complications - see Antineoplastic agents. Released in sealed hermetically sealed or closed bottles containing 0,024 grams of the drug. The solution are ex tempore.

Benzoate (Benzotephum; SP. A) is a cancer treatment; N-benzoyl-N', N', N", N"-Diethylenetriamine phosphoric acid. Used in the treatment of cancer of lung, breast, ovary. B. administered intravenously 0,024 g 20 ml of freshly prepared sterile izotoniceski solution of NaCl. Treatment rates for 15 to 20 injections with a break in 1-3 months. Careful monitoring of blood picture and condition of patients. The form of release capsules or hermetically sealed vials of 0,024, See also Antitumor agents.