Bensimon (Benzamonum; list a) - holinomimeticescoe tool, narrow pupil, reduces inner pressure. Used in glaucoma in the form of water solutions and ointments. When subcompensated glaucoma use 3%, with decompensated - 10% solution of 2 drops in the eye 2-6 times a day or 10% eye ointment at night. In individuals with hypersensitivity to Bensimon may develop acne Qatar conjunctiva. The release form: powder. Cm. also cholinomimetics.

Bensimon (Benzamonum; SP. A) - holinomimeticescoe tool; furfurol-ammonium benzosulphate. Has a strong mitotic activity and reduces inner pressure. Applied for the treatment of glaucoma (3-10% solutions and ointments). The form of powder. Cm. also cholinomimetics.