Benzogeksony (Benzohexonium; list B) - ganglioblokirtee tool. Apply with cramps peripheral vessels (endarteritis, intermittent claudication), in the early stages of hypertension, the PNDs krizah, oteke lungs, stomach ulcer of the stomach. Assign inside of 0.1 g 3-6 times a day, as well as parenteral. Treatment rates for 2-4 weeks in the hospital.
Higher dose for adults: inside single 0.3 g daily 0.9 g; under the skin single - 0.075 g daily 0.3 g method of production: powder, pill 0.1 and 0.25 g; 2% solution in sealed to 1 ml Cm. also Ganglioblokirute funds.

Benzogeksony (Benzoliexonium; SP. B) - ganglioblokirtee means; 1,6-bis-(N, N,N-ammonium)-hexane-dibenzosuberone. Used in the treatment of hypertension, endarteritis, stomach ulcers, bronchial asthma. In surgical practice used for controlled hypotension. Benzogeksony assign inside (0.1 g 3-6 times a day), under the skin, intramuscular (0,02-0,03 g in the form of 2% solution) and intravenous (0,015-0,025 grams in the form of 2% solution). Treatment rates for 2-4 weeks with some intervals of 1-3 weeks. Higher doses: inside - 0.3 g (single), 0.9 g (daily); under the skin - 0,075 g (single), 0.3 g (daily). The release form: powder and tablets 0.1 and 0.25 g; USD in 1 ml of 2% solution. Cm. also Ganglioblokirute funds.