Berberine - alkaloidcontained in leaves barberry. Sulfate Berber and (Berberini sulfas; list B) - cholagogue. Apply for chronic hepatitis, hepatocholecystitis, cholelithiasis. Appoint berberine inside the 0.005-0.01 g 3 times per day during 2-4 weeks. Contraindicated in pregnancy (causes uterine contractions). The form of release: tablets to 0,005 g Cm. also Cholagogue.

Berberine (Berberinum; SP. B) - cholagogue; alkaloid diethylamino series. Found in plants SEM. poppy, Ranunculaceae, barberry and other Applied for the treatment of hepatitis cholecystitis, cholecystitis with biliary dyskinesia, calculous cholecystitis without exacerbation. Prescribed 3 times a day before meals for 5-10 mg the Course of treatment is 2-4 weeks; the repeated courses are conducted after 5-10 day suspension. Contraindicated in pregnancy! The form of release - tablets to 0,005 g Cm. also Cholagogue.