Look after your health from the youth

Not so long ago the Azerbaijani farm was a great holiday. Marks the centenary of the labour activity of the "father of shepherds" Fatali Achieve. With seven years began Fatali graze cattle, all his life worked much, much moved. And the other "champion of longevity 105-year-old Hasan Primov of Dagestan village Chickens still works as a foreman on the farm. Every day he does right down the road from home to work and back through the mountains on such dizzying the UPS and downs that even the strongest of you used swirled would head.
You can solve it: these people live so long thanks to the wonderful mountain climate. But gerontology (the so-called science of age) suggests otherwise. Famous for, for example, its salubrious climate Switzerland international tourism. However, at 5.2 million indigenous people of this country... centenarians only three people! In Siberia same rage frost, here a long and severe winter and stubby healthy elderly galore! In one only of the Novosibirsk region live 295 people who have already crossed over a hundred years. So, longevity does not depend on the climate. But from what?
Since ancient times, beating people on the mystery of life. How many fairy and epic heroes spared "belly of his" in search of "living water"that brings youth and strength! Many healers and alchemists, true scientists and simply charlatans have been struggling with the creation of the "elixir of life". And in vain. The history gives us the memory of the following facts: in Ancient Rome, wrinkled old men and women rushed to the circus and greedily drank the blood of the killed young gladiators. Why? There was a belief that the blood of young and healthy people rejuvenates the elderly.
Gerontology knows many different theories of rejuvenation. In the foreign press and in our days, sometimes flash messages about "miracles" the return of youth. However, unfortunately, no one really haven't learned how to turn back time. Longevity is the problem of great social importance, for the health of a person first of all is determined by the life level of the country in which he lives, the General and sanitary culture of the population. But, under favourable conditions, it is not enough if people despise physical labor and physical culture.
Wise people say: the secret life extension is that it not be shortened. But that entirely depends on us. Useless to dream of "living water"when we optionally themselves can create and maintain their health, if we take care of his young age. To do this from a young age to care for their spiritual and physical perfection, not to be a waster own health. Every day we need to do morning exercises and do water procedures, love sports, go Hiking trips - in short, to be always in motion! No wonder the proverb says: "Quick and nimble disease will not catch up". The quick and nimble, that is, those who are engaged in physical culture, work well all the internal organs, they have a strong heart, a healthy lungs.
The heart is a small but tireless pump - within days continuously pumping up to 8 tons of blood. This blood supplies all the organs of our body of essential nutrients. You have probably heard these words related to heart as "lazy" and "sport"? "Sports" heart increases its capacity by increasing the volume of blood pumped through the artery, the rhythm of heart athlete slower (52-60 beats per minute)than in untrained person (72-80 shock).
Lazy heart after running, climbing uphill or cutting firewood tremble, as if caught birds. And "sport" - and after a tiring long transitions, and after working hard knocks rhythmically and faster returns to normal, is recovering faster.

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