Look after your health from the youth

Much hardier untrained and "sport" light. Do athletes chest much mobile, the capacity of the lungs and pulmonary ventilation is much higher. It is clear: calm person inhales a minute from 4 to 7 liters of air, and during physical exercise oxygen consumption increases by 2-3 times.
Sometimes it happens that an aspiring athlete, taking a good start, suddenly gets out of pace, suffocating. You must learn to control your breathing. To do this, breathe rhythmically and do not hold your breath. Council breathe rhythmically should especially be adhered to in the so-called cyclic movements - walking, running, swimming, Cycling, rowing, skating and skiing. During practice these sports rhythmic breathing is supported by the rhythm of our movements.
Have you noticed that the teacher, principal lesson morning exercises on the radio keeps repeating: "don't hold your breath!" Held his breath means the body has received insufficient oxygen, an excess of carbon dioxide is not fully withdrew from the body. Breath is often accompanied by a straining effort" - voltage expiratory muscles locked when the glottis. As indicating light turns purple face nativerose man! This is evidence that the flow of blood from the head into the trunk, chest, difficult. Blood stagnates, blood supply of organs is reduced. It is harmful.
Therefore, agreed: at the time of sports and physical training breathe deeply, more rhythmic, don't hold your breath!
Still there is an opinion that people of intellectual work is very well without physical education. In fact, the movement creates a tremendous number of nerve impulses traveling to the brain, enrich the brain abundance of sensations, impressions, support its normal state, developing it. Mental health is inseparable from the overall health and stamina. No wonder all great people were so valued physical labor movement.
We with amazement and envy watching balancing on the rope with a juggler, but we are not surprised by its own habit or at least... to keep the balance. We do not think about why we go and not fall? But this is no accident: about three hundred large and small muscles do the work for strengthening the position is movably connected with each other bones of the human skeleton. In this case, all the muscles are reduced in concert, each with a certain force. And our walk? Even in such a seemingly simplest, move as step one foot, involved more than fifty muscles that contract and relax in a strictly limited time.
Exercise is a powerful stimulus for the development and strengthening of muscles. Look at the mighty figure of the wrestlers and weightlifters - massive hemispheres of the muscle fibers of the chest and a pronounced toothed pattern of the muscles on the sides of your body. Is it not true, they remind of ancient sculpture - so much courage and beauty in the lines of their bodies!
One day I was waiting for my friend at a bus stop and had nothing to do begun to consider leaving. It was fun and even instructive lesson. Here's the steps trolleybus slowly descended leg trampled in the boot. I was sure it was a very old man. When I looked up, I saw a young guy. What has forced him to wear such trampled shoes? I didn't have time to think about it as little chain shoes on "cloves" easily leaped out of the carriage. But after a few small steps face their owner is a young pretty girl stretched out, and she made an awkward lame. Why?

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