Look after your health from the youth

Galina Kramarenko from the Institute of traumatology and orthopedics, says:
- We were at the reception often includes children, teenagers, young men and women who complain of pain in the legs while walking. We, as a rule, find a flat feet, which is often the result of improper footwear. Boys to look older, sometimes buy their shoes "for growth"; girls just to look more graceful, too soon wear shoes with high heels or try to squeeze a foot in a Shoe to number less than they should. Sometimes guys, a lot going in for sports, spend days walking in sneakers or rubber shoes. All this spoils the foot. With constant use of the shoes without heels arch gradually recplusmedia and develops a flat. If the shoes are tight or, conversely, too spacious, formed so
called painful plantar callosities" on the sole, calluses, blisters, abrasions.
The young man in trampled by the boots, in all probability, the same flat. His leg feels relaxed only in old worn shoes. Do not let the "war" of the foot and shoes, and if you already started a flat foot, immediately go to the doctor-orthopedist who will prescribe special insoles-arch supports and will teach therapeutic exercises for the legs.
...On the whole of Syria was known in the middle ages the doctor and writer Abul Faraj. Even in our days it is interesting to read his winged thoughts and aphorisms. Now listen: "If a person is in the habit of kicking when walking, it shows that he is like a lion think about higher things... Man, walking in large steps, often comes ridiculous, and considers himself to be the smartest. Especially this is true sign if the person likes to gesture".
We will not argue about whether rights Abul Faraj. We must be sure that the attempts to establish a connection between the character and activity of the person and his gait was done a long time. About this very well known writers, giving their heroes characteristic gait. Remember how clumsily walked Gogol Sobakevich, remember nekrasovskij peasant women "walking with a view of the Queens". It is noticed that any physical activity, including walking, somehow reflects the behavior and character. Clear, puzinas step one that can just say: this is the former military. Lazily, waddle moves along a street bum. Swinging portfolios are two fellow-student. One shoulders and head down, legs bent, and when you walk as if they rake in the ground. The other is held freely, head held high, shoulders and chest deployed, belly tucked up. No need to think long to understand why he has such a good look: this guy is from the years of exercise!
Strange at first question: "do you Know how to walk?" not in vain. Say, walk - this body music. But how man keeps his body while walking, depends not only the beauty of his posture, but the correct development of the bone-muscular system and normal functioning of physiological processes in the body.
As archaeologists, producing the excavations found the remains of ancient burial sites. Intrigued by the shape of the skeleton buried, they called for help anatomist. Why is this, who lived many centuries ago, a man so strange curved spine?
- Nothing strange! "replied anatomist. He had scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine. He could develop due to various reasons, for example because the mother wore a breastfeeding baby all the time tilted to one side, for its second hand was busy. And then, probably, the child had to carry a heavy burden, and often in his right hand, because his spine bent to the right. Where was he to know that the body of a man, apparently elastic, perhaps under the influence of long incorrect provisions to change its structure.

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